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Servo Drive


JLS300 Series Servo Drive

Standard Features

  1. Smaller volume and higher power density;
  2. Wide voltage design, it can work in the rated input voltage range of -15%~10%;
  3. All the power below 90KW are equipped with built-in brake units, and have protection functions such as brake circuit, short circuit, over current, overload, and straight through of brake pipe;
  4. Long life design, using high configuration of bus capacitance, to ensure longer life of drive;
  5. Better EMC configuration scheme;
  6. Fan drive circuit protection, when short circuit and locked-rotor in fan, it will not affect the power supply of other circuits.


Technical Specifications








Basic functions

The highest frequency


The carrier frequency

0.5~8KHz, which can be automatically adjusted according to the load characteristics

Input frequency resolution

digital input: 0.01Hz  analog input: highest frequency ×0.1%

Control mode

closed-loop vector FVC, V/F control

Starting torque

FVC 0Hz/180%

Speed adjustment range

1:1000 FVC

Speed stabilization precision

±0.02% FVC

Torque control  precision

±5% FVC

Overload capacity

150%Ie 60s  180%Ie 3s

Inching control

Frequency is 0.00~50.00Hz, and the acceleration and deceleration time is 0.0~6500.0s

Simple PLC and multi-speed operation

Through the built-in PLC or DI terminal can achieve a maximum of 16-segment speed operation

The built-in PID process control

Easy to realize the process closed-loop control

Automatic voltage adjustment (AVR)

Can automatically keep the production voltage constant when the input voltage changes

Communication mode


Protection function

Protection function

Short-circuit detection of power on motor, phase loss detection of input and output, overcurrent and overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, overheat protection, overload protection, motor temperature protection, etc.




JLS600 Series Servo Drive


Technical Specifications




Input voltage and frequency

Three phase AC(0.8~1.1)×220V  frequency: 50/60Hz

Speed ratio


Speed fluctuation ratio

Rated speed×0.01%

Speed frequency response


Working mode

Inching, manual, internal speed, external speed and position

Internal speed mode

Operates by closed-loop control of 3-segment internal speed selected by the input signal, and the speed value can be set

External speed mode

Operates in closed-loop at the speed specified by the external analog voltage signal instruction

External speed instruction mode

DC:-10v~+10v or 0~10v, through parameter selection

The position mode

Operates by the closed-loop position control according to the given position command pulse. The direction and quantity of the position command pulse determine the running direction and angle of the servo motor, while the frequency of the position command pulse determines the running speed of the servo motor

Position command pulse mode

Pulse/direction, CCW/CW pulse, A/B two-phase orthogonal pulse three modes;

Maximum pulse frequency: 1MHz

Position command electronic gear

Command pulse frequency doubling coefficient: 1~32767; Command pulse frequency division coefficient: 1~32767

Positioning accuracy

±0.005°(17bit absolute encoder); ±0.018°(5000 line incremental encoder)

Motor feedback input

Incremental encoder and absolute encoder of Tamagawa and Biss communication protocols

Position feedback output

Motor feedback input direct output or motor feedback input frequency division output

Communication bus

CAN_open  Modbus-RTU

Input signal

Servo enabling, alarm clearance, CCW disable, CW disable, CCW start, CW start, zero speed clamping, internal speed 1/2 selection 9 input points

Output signal

Servo ready, servo alarm, position arrival/speed arrival, lock release, zero speed output, Z pulse (encoder zero) output 6 output points

Protection function

include overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, overload, overheating of the drive, overspeed, position out of tolerance, abnormal braking, abnormal encoder, motor overheating, etc.

Operation and display

5 keys, can be manual, inching, as well as parameter modification, setting, writing, backup and other operations; The 6-bit LED display can display information such as speed, current position, command pulse accumulation, position deviation, motor torque, motor current, rotor absolute position, input and output signal status, etc.




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